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Knabstrup vase H 20 cm

By Knabstrup Keramik

Over time, Knabstrup Keramik have produced a vast number of beautiful vases in different designs. We are especially proud of this vase. It was originally designed at the end of the 1940s, and with its elegant and classic form it is a timeless ceramic piece that will retain its style long into the future. Today the vase is available in modern Nordic colour tones, which match our simple but cosy decor. The Knabstrup vase is designed so that it doesn’t just offer itself up for display, but can also showcase seasonal flower bouquets and greenery in the most beautiful way.

ripple mint
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EUR 43,47
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EUR 57,95
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EUR 43,47
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Designed by: Knabstrup Keramik

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